capturing moments

document your

Your ordinary glories are calling for reverence—
a pause in the midst of a windswept world.

to discover poetry



I’m convinced that it’s in everyday dwelling where
we find the poetry. The things we slow down for.

There’s a tree that used to stand in my neighborhood, between my house and my uncle’s. I pass the place it used to grow and wish I could travel back to touch its branches, climb with my cousins again. I’m only 27, but with every passing day, the collection of treasures locked into the past grows.

I want to remember all of it.

I want to remember all of it—the tree, childhood, the way I met my husband— even if that means feeling the ache of nostalgia. And I want to remember for you. Romanticize your overlooked moments. Document your regular old living, because that is what we will all ache for one day.

I want to take photographs

of your treasures

Your lover,

first apartment.

pregnant belly.

Your wild children,

dog named Copper,

family farm.

Your grandmother.  

The thin branches of a Blue
Spruce that meant something to you.

I want to remember all of it.

It’s my desire
to document

your poetry

Maybe there is a moment we will all arrive at one day that completes the novel—the showstopper. I’m convinced though, that it’s in everyday dwelling where we find the poetry. The things we slow down for.


I spent the first six years of my Photography journey in the wedding industry, and while there is something undeniably special about a wedding, I found myself taking a deep breath in the middle of a family session last July. I was standing on a Massachusetts beach while a new mom took a moment to nurse her baby. The shore had emptied except for mist and piping plovers. Soft conversation between the new parents muffled in the wind. Nothing needed fabricating. Intimacy settled over them like nightfall and I wanted to catch it in my hands. I felt a washing of inspiration by the in between and a call to capture only the messy, windswept magic that matters. That is what I want to do for you. If a value for raw, vivid living resonates, reach out. I’m here to remedy the motion of time, best I can for you.